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Now And Zen’s philosophy is based on positive, praise-based training techniques. We focus on building a foundation of communication with a holistic approach to the dog-human relationship, a relationship nurtured through trust, respect and gentle leadership. Our mission is to help dogs and their human partners attain a mutual understanding through compassionate training methods.

Our positive training is a mixture of force free techniques that encourage dogs to make better choices by problem solving and help us to understand things from the dog's perspective. We use no fear, intimidation, or dominating punitive punishment techniques. Recent studies show that aversive training methods create even more symptoms of stress, anxiety, fear and aggression. In our opinion it is highly unethical to be training a dog using aversive techniques such as physical punishment and equipment such as shock, choke or prong collars.

True positive reinforcement training methods create better results and are risk free for your dog. These methods give us the opportunity to help dogs with fears, aggressive behavior, stress, anxieties, and phobias. Positive training also utilizes various management plans to help set dogs up for success. Our training methods put the emphasis on teaching dogs what to do, not punishing a dog for not doing what we want instead creating a partnership. What sets apart a really good positive trainer is the ability to help clients learn to view things from the dogs perspective and formulate a plan using humane techniques to curb and prevent unwanted behaviors. This helps create confidence in dogs and builds a strong leadership based relationship with their people and encourages the dog to listen and respond when asked to do something.

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Nan Long, owner of Now And Zen Dog Training, brings a lifetime of formal training and experience, enriched by her years spent on a farm in the Midwest with equines, dogs and other animals. She has been training dogs and their people in the Brevard, North Carolina area since 2002. Some of her professional affiliations are as an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen evaluator, a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and she has qualified for the Certified Council for Professional Dog Trainers - KA exam. She is also a supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, a member of Doggone Safe and a "Be A Tree" presenter and is always continuing to learn through additional formal education.

She also spends time working with local veterinarians, helping local shelter dogs, rescue organizations and presenting dog bite safety programs to local schools.

We offer behavioral consultations, private training, presentations and other client services.

Now and Zen Dog Training

▼ Testimonials from a few of our satisfied customers ▼

Betsy V.

Having been in the healthcare industry for over 30 years, I have realized that the best thing we can do for one another is to listen deeply and watch for the unspoken signals. That is what Nan does so well with all of her 4 legged clients. She watches and listens deeply....then acts from that connected place...never doing the "routine" but looking for the action that is needed for THAT dog in THAT moment. I LOVE HER!

Betsy V. - 5/1/17

Brevard, NC

Jenn S.

We adopted a dog from the shelter, she had abuse history. When people other than ourselves would go up to her she would growl and snap at them. We thought that we may not be able to keep her. My heart was broken.

But, we called Nan, she came up to the house, met with Alexa, gave us great suggestions on how to redirect her from doing this. She helped with every single aspect that we needed and more. She told us that if we had any questions we could just give her a call at any time so she could help us out. Which is great.

We didn't have to pay another fee to have her come back out to the house. Nan really knows what she's doing; I trust her, and I thank her very, very much for giving us the tools to help our baby girl live a more stress free life. She is so much happier and so much more trusting. I highly recommend Nan for any all of your pet needs.

Asheville, NC


I have two boxers one of which I seemed to do well with but when I got my second boxer I realized how much I didn't know about boxers and their training. Nan was recommended to me by a friend and she was a God send . Nan helped train "me" so I could be the dog owner I needed to be to enjoy my boxer babies. Drake my oldest boxer is now a certified Therapy Dog which would not have happen without the guidance and training from Nan and Canine Connections Dog Training.

Drake went through Nan's Intermediate Obedience course and then on to test for CGC. Although Nan did not offer testing for Therapy dogs she encouraged me to move forward with a Therapy dog agency. Carly my youngest boxer was so different than Drake and never having a dog before Drake I thought all boxers would be similar , boy was I wrong :), Carly was a challenge for me and that is when I started looking for help.

I met Nan after I got Carly, I set up a private session and that is where it all began. Nan recommended what she thought would be best for me and my boxer babies and I'm glad I followed her recommendations. As I mentioned above Drake is a Therapy dog now and Carly is the most loving, vivacious, full of life boxer you have ever seen. I have had challenges with Carly and have contacted Nan off and on after their training so she could get me back on course :). I would highly recommend Canine Connections Dog Training to anyone who is looking for a dog trainer , Nan uses a positive approach (which was important to me) to training and also looks at the dogs as a whole .

Nan has recommended diets, training and types of bedding (Carly tore up ever bed she had the first year)and toys etc. Canine Connections Dog Training and Nan are superior in my book. I did try a different trainer BEFORE I contacted Nan and I was told by the other trainer "I don't think I can help you, your dog must be deaf and doesn't speak English"(no joke). After one session with Nan everything was under control. Thank you to Nan and Canine connections for training me so I can enjoy my boxers. Life is fun with properly trained pets.

Hendersonville, NC

Ric Scalzo – Founder Gaia Herbs

It has been such an amazing experience watching you apply your “Natural and Organic – Whole Dog Approach” to the rearing of my two dogs. I so admire your vast knowledge of the canine temperament. As you know, my two dogs Bello and Jaya have had some challenges in their first two years.

Bello contracted parvo at six months and made it through a very rough time. He developed a lot of dependency on me as a result of the care he received during his illness. With your guidance and care he has now matured into a beautiful animal emotionally and spiritually. He is very obedient to the commands that he has learned and with your guidance his health has returned to a very robust level. Jaya was found abandoned at the early age of 2 months – she had deep emotional trauma and upon having her evaluated by a dog psychologist, it was decided to begin rigorous training. Her personality initially was very disruptive and at times I thought it would be too difficult for me to keep her under my care.

With your continued training and care she has now grown to become an amazing companion – she is so very obedient, friendly, so intelligent and loving. She really is one of the very best dogs I have ever had. You’ve built a solid foundation of trust with Bello and Jaya coupled with the regularity of consistent training …It was clear from the start the dogs trusted you and you loved them Nan. The emotional component between you and the dogs was really the impetus that allowed them to learn from you so quickly. In addition you covered everything regarding their training, including their doctor’s appointments, their food, and their toys. and that kind of devotion is SO hard to find!. What has really impressed me the most about your care is that it is fully aligned with my “natural and organic” approach to my own well-being. You have cared to see that the dogs get organic food and snacks made without hormones, anti-biotics, or pesticides. You established a healthy approach to vaccinations using titers to establish immunity, you have created teeth cleaning schedules and grooming schedules – all with special care for the dogs emotional well being. And you have cared to see that the dogs are kept on a regular routine which is so very important for them to remain happy and healthy.

Thank you Nan for all you’ve done for the health, happiness, and well-being of our farm dogs!!

Brevard, NC

Anna M.

What an awesome training session this morning. Feeling grateful that I was able to work with Nan. She was positive and treated Neville with respect and I was able to see how trainable he really is. It was reassuring ♡

Follow up comment: The changes that I have witnessed in Neville's behavior over the past week have been incredibly rewarding. He is walking in stride with me, listening when I stop and go and obeying simple commands. He even gracefully walked past 3 off- leash dogs today which blew my mind! We have a long way to go and alot of work still ahead but we are gaining a relationship that we haven't had until now. He's becoming my little wolfy companion and it feeds my soul to be in nature with him and know that we are growing together.

Brevard, NC

Trina G.

Nan has a great understanding of dogs and knows how to train human owners She is patient and even shares her knowledge long after training classes are finished. Five years after our training, she answers any questions that I might have about my boxers training or health needs. Be sure to check out Canine Connections!!

New Jersey

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